CPP While Loop MCQ

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(1) If condition of while loop remain true for unlimited iterations, then this type of loop is called.

A) Finite loop
B) Infinite loop
C) True loop
D) Power loop

(2) The variable used for iterations in condition of while loop is called.

A) Static Variable
B) Counter Variable
C) Inner Variable
D) Condition Variable

(3) Where increment / decrement statement is written in while statement ?

A) in body of loop
B) out of loop body
C) anywhere in program
D) Noe

(4) Which of the following statement is used to print statements in Ascending order using while loop ?

A) Increment
B) Decrement
C) Both
D) None

(5) While loop uses which of the following expression as condition ?

A) Relational
B) Logical
C) Arithmetic
D) Both A and B

(6) Which of the following structure is implemented using while statement ?

A) Sequence
B) Selection
C) Iterative
D) Function
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