Laravel Introduction

Laravel is a open source web application MVC (Model View Controller ) architecture. It is widely used for new web applications now a days. It is created using Php. It is powerful framework for handling large scale applications. Laravel has MIT license and its code is also available on GitHub.


There are number of advantages of using Laravel. Some important are listed below.

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Mail Service Integration
  • Blade Templeting
  • Test Automation
  • Database Migrations
  • Composer Support
  • Support MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer


To start development using Laravel you must have basic understanding of PHP. Laravel provides Object Oriented Programming (OOP) approach, so that it is necessary to have knowledge of OOP using Php. Laravel use blade templating engine to render HTML in framework. We must have basic grip on HTML and CSS to develop a website.

Laravel Vs Other Php Frameworks

We can compare different features of Laravel with other avaiable Php frameworks such as Codeigniter, Yii and Cake Php

Laravel Vs Codeigniter

Laravel Codeigniter
Laravel using Relational Object Oriented approach. Codeigniter using Object Oiecnted approach.
Laravel has in-built Unit Testing Codeigniter does not support Unit Testing
Laravel Provde Blade Templating Engine Codeigniter does not support Blade Templating
Laravel require some additional knowledge of Php Codeigniter can be used with basic knowledge of Php
Laravel is difficult to learn than Codeigniter Codeigniter is easy to learn than Laravel.
Laravel has ~45.5K starts on GitHub Codeigniter has ~16.5K stars on GitHub


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