Escape Sequence in C++

Escape sequences are used in output statement within format string. These are collection of characters that starts with backslash ( \ ). These characters are not displayed in output but has some special effect on output.

List of Escape Sequence

Some commonly used escape sequences are as.

No Escape Sequence Purpose/Impact
1 \n It is used to insert in line in output.
2 \b It is used as backspace in format string.
3 \t It is used to add a tab ( Hrizontal ) in output.
4 \" It is used to add double qoutes in output string.
5 \' It is used to add single qoutes in output string.
6 \a It is used as alert/beep.
7 \\ It is used to add backslash in output string.
8 \r It is used for carriage return in output.
9 \f It is used as formatted page break in output.
10 \v It is used to add a tab ( Vertical ) in output.


Escape sequence are always used in format string. Format string is the text that is written in double quotes.


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
	// Insert new line using \n
	cout<<"Hello \n World";
	// Insert tab using \t
	cout<<"Hello \t World";
	// Insert backslash in output
	cout<<"Hello World \\";
	return 0;


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