Frequently Asked Questions

We can easily use Institute Management System for the improvements of Our Knowledge. Even we may belongs to any domain of science or arts. Institute Management System provides us not only information and also provides to manipulate this information as Our requirements.

Institute Management System can easily used with using its different available user friendly interfaces.

There are multiple Benefits of using Institute Management System such as it can help us for the preparation of different tests including NTS, GAT, GRE, MCAT and many more.

By using Institute Management System we can easily generate test that can be conducted with out any worrying and planning, Because Institute Management System has ability to generate online tests according to Our requirements much faster than ever.

Yes! There are no charges to use Institute Management System for any purposes. Which may include using of its online tools.

Institute Management System gives a huge variety of tools that are necessary for any web developer for development. These tools are designed to produce high quality results.

At this time Institute Management System is providing many tools. From which large variety of tools are relevant to the web development. It also provides tools for other sciences.

Some available tools are mentioned in tool bar

Yes, Institute Management System is also providing a variety of tutorials which has updated and quality contents. These tutorials are relevant to the latest tools and technologies.

We can also print and download these tutorials for Our help.

Yes, Institute Management System also provides facility to share its pages and tools to other friends Institute Management System provides complete TOOLBAR section that facilitate users to share these tools, tutorials and variety of contents on social media.

Such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Institute Management System is a platform where Institutes such as Schools, Colleges and Universities can manage their entire record online. This is specially designed for collaborative work for entire staff of institutes. This system will help administration for managing Staff Record, Student Records, Attendance Record, Test Record, Scheduling Tests, Scheduling online Meetings, Seminars. This system will help Teaching Staff for Preparing Papers, Managing Test Materials, Student Records, Attendance Record, Sharing Information.

IMS also helps to learn multiple programming languages. These programming languages include C++, Java, Php, Java script, Visual basic and Python. We can take online exams and prepare online question papers. There are multiple interview questions for different topics.

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