CPP Pattern Programs

Pattern in programming is 2d representation of characters in output. These characters may include numbers, alphabets, symbols or all of these. These patterns are in form of designs. While displaying these 2d designs some characters are skipped from output to create special pattern.

These programs are used to test better understanding of nested loop statements. Which will later be used in complex algorithms such as processing 2D arrays. These patterns programs are also part of curriculum in some institutes.

We use nested loop for printing these types of patterns. Most commonly nested for loop is used because it is easy to test and modify according to requirement. Some examples of pattern programs using C++ are.

Alphabet pattern programs:

In these programs alphabets from A-Z or a-z are used to display patterns in output.

Star pattern programs:

In these programs alphabets from asterisk (*) are used to display different types of patterns in output.

Pyramid program:

These are most famous types of pattern program in these patterns pyramid are displayed on screen using nested loop statements. These pyramid may be created using alphabets, numbers or any ASCII characters.



Triangle Pattern:

Triangle patterns are also used to display different types of triangles in output. The most commonly used are right angle triangle patterns.



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