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How to use Online Word Count

  • Login to keep Record of Your Text Statistics.
  • Type or Paste text in word count input box.
  • Word count will display text statistics in Statistical Panel.

Feature of Word Counter:

Simple word counter provides the following features.

1. Count Word:

It count words that are separated by space. Total numbers of word will be dispalyed in Text Statistics panel.

2. Number Counter:

Simple word count also provides the frequency of numbers in the provided text.

3. Paragraph Count:

It count the number of paragraphs insert in the text. It will consider each new line terminated by Enter as new paragraph.

4. Symbol Counter:

Word counter also provides the count of all symbols used in the paragraphs. These symbols will include all types of special characters.

5. Character Counter:

Additionaly this counter will count the total number of characters used in text. This will include all keystrokes used in text.

Character Count in Word:

Character count in word means the number of symbols or characters in word. This word is normally enclosed in space.

How Word Counter Works:

Word counter update Text stats on each and every keystorke. When user press any key on the keyboard it analyze the text and update Text stats.

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