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  • We can minify Our inline styles.
  • We can also upload Our CSS file to minify it.
  • After minification of inline or uploaded CSS file, it can easily download and use in Our project.


CSS minification online compress given css by eliminating extra white spaces. Minification process also involve to remove extra trailing terminator (semicolon) from input. Because delimeter is only required for separation of two CSS rules. We can skip last semicolon (:) before ending delimeter. This will accept the following type of CSS input

  1. Inline CSS
  2. CSS File

This online minify css tool will allow space in file only if required because some CSS properties accepts more than one parameters separated by white space. Some of these prperties are as below.

  • border: 1px solid black
  • margin: 2px 5px
  • padding: 0px 5px 0px 5px

Advantages of Minification

Minified files are used to speed up loading time of website. minified CSS files is small in size so that it improves performance of webpage. It save overall bandwidth to load the website.

Disadvantages of Minification

There are some drawbacks of minified CSS files which include.

  • These are difficult to understand
  • Beautification/formatting is required to edit the file
  • Require third party tools for minification
This tool really take care about proper minification of css.................. Thanks
26/Jan/21 06:49 pm
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