CPP Variables MCQ

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(1) Global variables are created in:

B) Cache
C) Hard disk

(2) Which of the following variable type can be accessible anyway in the program

A) Static
B) Global
C) Local
D) Register

(3) Which of the following type of variables hold their data throughout the program executioner

A) Local
B) Static
C) Global
D) Both b and c

(4) Which of the following default storage class specifier for declaring local variables?

A) Register
B) Static
C) Local
D) Auto

(5) How many types of variables can be created in C/C++ programs

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

(6) Which of the following type of local variable retain its value throughout program execution

A) Auto
B) Register
C) Static
D) None

(7) Variable has the following properties

A) Name
B) Address
C) Type
D) All of These
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