Variable Declaration And Initialization Program Example using CPP

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Source Code

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char** argv) {

    // Declaration
    // Declaration of variables in single line
    int a , b , c ;   // Variable can also be declare in multiple lines
    // Assigning Values to variables
    a = 10 ;
    b = 20 ;
    c = 30 ;
    // Printing values of variables a,b,c
    cout<<" a = "<<a<<" b = "<<b<<" c = "<<c;
    // Initialization
    // Initialization of variables
    int x = 100;
    int y = 200;
    int z = 300;
    // Printing values of variables x,y,z
    cout<<"\n x = "<<x<<" y = "<<y<<" z = "<<z;

return 0;


variable declaration and initialization code example in c++Working

In this program we declare three variables named a,b,c of int type in a single line. We can also declare variables individually using multiple declaration statements such as.

int a;

int b;

int c;

After declaration we assign values using assignment statement. Similarly initialization can also be done in single line, if we want to initialize all variables with same value such as.

int x = y = z = 10;

The above statement cannot be used if we want to initialize all variables with different values.

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