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(1) which of following function was used in python 2 for taking input?

A) raw()
B) input()
C) raw_input()
D) input_raw()

(2) Input taken using input function can be converted into following data type.

A) int
B) char
C) string
D) Any of these

(3) In python what is the default type of input data taken using input() function?

A) String
B) Integer
C) Decimal
D) Object

(4) Parameter of python input() function is called.

A) String
B) Queue
C) Prompt
D) Display

(5) In python how many parameters of input function?

A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Four

(6) In python which of the following function is used to get input from user.

A) scanf()
B) getch()
C) input()
D) read()
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