Comments in Python

General non-excutable instruction that are part of source code are called comments. Approximately all programming languages provide feature of comments. In python python programming hash (#) operator/symbol is used for writing some comment lines in the code. After typeing # the next string of characters will be treated as comment in python language.

Comment Syntax

Comment line is written by starting it with # character. In following example first line is comment.

# Displaying Hello World
print("Hello World")

Uses of Comment in python

Such like other high level programming languages, python has also some common uses of comments such as:

  • It provide description about identfiers (Such as variable constants or methods)
  • It make source code more readable.
  • It is also used to provide developer/organization detail.
  • It does not increase the size of source code.
  • It can be place anywhere in the source code.

Type of Commetns

Python only support single line comments starting with #, but we can also add multiline comment by using # at the start of each line.

Python multiline comment example

#This is Multiline
#comment consist of
#three lines
print("Multiline comment example")
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