Python Programming Introduction

Python is a easy to learn high level programming language, which has a simple and straightforward syntax. Python programming syntax is much flexible. This programming language is used for multiple platforms such as for designing GUI applications, Machine Learning and Web development. Python is becoming more popular in programmers day by day. The basic reason of its popularity is its simple and flexible syntax.

Python is a cross platform general purpose programming language. Where general purpose means we can use it for software development, data mining as well as web development and cross platform means its code can run on multiple types of operatiing systems such as windows, MacOS and Linux.

Python syntax follow code idententation technique for nestting control structures and code readability.

Python Programming Paradigms

As many other high level languages python also support multiple programming paradigms, which include:

  • Structured Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Functional Programming

Basic Feature of Python Language

Some basic features of python programming language that attract new programmers to learn python are as:

  • Easy to learn

  • Code flexibility

  • Open source

  • Large community support

  • Trending programming language

  • No prior programming knowledge is required

Advance Feature of Python Language

Python is not only a simple and straightforward  easy to learn programming language, it also provide many advance features such like other famous programming languages. Some of the advance uses and features of pyhon programming as as:

  • Machine learning

  • Data mining

  • Automation

  • Huge library support

  • Cross platform

  • Object oriented support

  • GUI application developement

Get Started with Python Programming

First of all we have to download pyhton language from official python programming language website. Using this website we can download the latest version and install it in our computer.

After successfully instaltion process is completed to learn any programming language we have to install any code editor in which we can write code. Now a days these code editors are also know as IDE (Integrated Development Environment). By using IDE we can write compile and run our source code in a single application/software.

So that we will install IDE. We can learn more from python programs for practice.

Python IDE

Many IDE are available for python pogramming language. Some popular python progamming IDE as as listed.

  • PyScripter

  • PyDev

  • PyCharm

  • Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Thonny IDE

Python First Program

In our first python program we are going to use an output function print for displaying "Hello World" on screen.

# Name:        module1
# Purpose:
# Author:      ABC
# Created:     31/05/2022
# Copyright:   (c) ABC 2022
# Licence:     <your licence>

def main():

if __name__ == '__main__':

print("Hello World")

After execution Hello World will be displayed written in the teminal.


Python progamming hellow world program


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