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(1) Which of the following attribure is used to specify the language of webpage?

A) language
B) lang
C) translate
D) local

(2) Which attribute value of anchor tag is used for opening link in new browser window?

A) _self
B) _parent
C) _blank
D) None

(3) language attribute is the part of _____ tag.

B) Header
C) Footer
D) Body

(4) Which attribute is used for defining inline styles?

A) Class
B) Id
C) Param
D) Style

(5) Which of the following operator is used to apply HTML attributes?

A) Colon
B) Question Mark
C) Assignment
D) Quotation

(6) Which of the following is not HTML common attribute?

A) Class
B) href
C) Style
D) id

(7) Where list of attributes are provided in HTML element?

A) Strting tag
B) Ending tag
C) In between
D) Anywhere

(8) Which of the following is valid common HTML attribute?

A) src
B) _target
C) width
D) class
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