HTML Paragraph Tag

Every document is basically composed of some headings and paragraphs. Headings and their importance is already discussed. In HTML p tag is used to display / write paragraph in webpage. This p tag does not accept additional white spaces, means if we use more than one space between two words then browser will convert it to single space automatically. Similar to this p tag also does not accept line breaks. Even we have used multiple line breaks in our HTML document using enter key. Web browser will automatically remove these line breaks. The solution of this situation is to use br tag for line breaks and pre tags for additional white spaces in text.

P Tag line breaks

P tags does not provide facility of line breaks in webpage paragraph. The line breaks are depends on the device resolution and type. Browsers automatically truncate paragraph line after text reach to the device width or defined document structure. This structure refer to the page division using div tag.

Importance of p tag

In HTML document after heading tags paragraph tag has unique importance, as it hold maximum of the document text/content. We can use any number of paragraphs in webpage. Paragraph tags also provide important information to SERP. We have to write large text encapsulated in p tag.


Paragraph tag is paired tag, which means there is opening and closing tag for each paragraph element. Entire text is written in between these tags.

<p>This is testing paragraph tag</p>


This is the example of p tag.


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