HTML Tutorial

HTML is a webpage designing language, which is basic building block of web development. It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Markup language is such type of language in which marks known as tags are used to encapsulate the data items / values. HTML is very easy to learn, we can get expertise of HTML within few days.

Today we use HTML5 for building webpage that come with some new semantic tags. These semantic tags are useful in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and better structure for Web 3.0.

Facts about HTML

Some of the important and interesting facts about HTML famous in web engineers are as:

  • It is very simple to understand and learn.
  • We can learn it in one day session.
  • We have to start our web development journey from HTML.
  • HTML is not the programming language.
  • HTML provide semantic information to Search Engines about page content.

HTML Timeline

HTML starts by physicist Tim Berner Lee in 1980. As the time go this language got popularity in web development field. Now a days HTML5 is used. This is latest version of HTML which is released as stable version with W3C recommendations.

HTML Document Structure

HTML document structure consist of the basic three elements / tags. These tags are commonly used across all versions of the HTML, are also provide basic document representation. These tags include:

  1. HTML tag
  2. HEAD tag
  3. BODY tag

HTML document structure using head and body tag

 HTML Elements

HTML document consist of several defined elements are called tags. Maximum of tags in HTML are paired means there is opening and closing tag for element. These elements collectively compose DOM (Document Object Model). This DOM is furthermore manipulated by using JavaScript and CSS.


An element is normally defined by using pair of tags called starting and ending tags. Some of the elements does not use closing tags such as <hr> and <br>.

HTML Special Characters

HTML also provide feature to insert special characters in document. These are also called HTML escape sequence characters. These characters may include special symbols, operators and special characters.

HTML Editors

There are many online editors are available for writing HTML. Maximum of these also provide feature to view the resultant document. HTML is a simple language commonly many web developers also used simple notepad editors for webpage designing. Now a day very powerful and user friendly editors are available that are full featured and provide extra ordinary support for webpage designing. These editors automatically identify which tag is going to be used after typing some of the initial characters of the tag. These editors also write closing tag of the elements automatically. Now a day we can use Visual Studio Code for fast web designing and development.

HTML Example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
       <title>Index Page</title>
       <h1>This is Sample Page</h1>


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