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(1) An HTML element that has only opening tag, but not the closing tag is called ______.

A) Pair Tags
B) Simple Tag
C) Basic Tag
D) Empty Tag

(2) Which HTML tag is used to create menu items in webpage?

A) Menu
B) Top
C) Nav
D) Navigation

(3) Which of the following is not a semantic tag?

A) Nav
B) Div
C) Aside
D) Ins

(4) Whic of the following is example of empty tag?

A) <br/>
B) <img/>
C) <hr/>
D) All of these

(5) Which of the following tag is used to define the type of document?

A) Doctype
B) TypeDoc
C) DocFormat

(6) Which HTML tag is used to display highlighted text?

A) Paragraph
B) Strong
C) Em
D) Mark

(7) Which tag represent text in italic text decoration?

A) Strong
B) P
C) em
D) Mark

(8) Which of the following HTML tag has six levels of hierarchy?

A) Paragraph tag
B) Span Tag
C) Heading Tag
D) Div Tag

(9) Which of the following HTML element represent using pair of tags?

A) h1
B) p
C) span
D) All of there

(10) Which of the following composed HTML document?

A) HTML Elements
B) HTML Attributes
C) HTML Classes
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