CPP Variable Naming Rules MCQ

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(1) One variable name can be declared with how many data types ?

A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Multiple

(2) A well defined variable name should be.

A) Detailed
B) Explained
C) Descriptive
D) None

(3) Which of the following is not allowed in between variable name ?

A) Alphabet
B) Number
C) Underscore
D) Space

(4) A variable name length can be upto _____ characters in C++

A) 21
B) 31
C) 41
D) 51

(5) Which of the following is not allowed as first character of variable name in C++ ?

A) Alphabet
B) Space
C) Number
D) Underscroe

(6) Which of the following is valid variable name ?

A) speed
B) age
C) limit
D) All

(7) Which of the folowing is not a valid variable name?

A) age
B) int
C) _rank
D) speed
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