CPP If Statement MCQ

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(1) Which of the following control structure is implemented using if statement ?

A) Sequential
B) Selection
C) Repetition
D) Function Call

(2) If statement condition always written in ____ parenthesis.

A) Square
B) Curly
C) Angle
D) Small

(3) Which of the following expression can be used as condition with if statement?

A) Arithmetic
B) Relational
C) Logical
D) Both B and C

(4) Which of the following delimiters are used to create block of statements.

A) < >
B) [ ]
C) " "
D) { }

(5) if statement excute statement or set of statements only if given condition is.

A) True
B) False
C) Never
D) All of thees

(6) Which of the following is valid selection structure keyword in C++

B) iF
C) if
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