Python Interview Questions

Python programming interview questions play an important role in preparation. These interview questions are selected from the python tutorial. These questions are also used in online paper preparation on instms.

These question cover basic as well as advance topics for python interview.

Python interview Tips

To be successfull in python coding interview, there are some tips that must be followed. We have knowledge about these key concepts of python interview.

  • Learn about basic understanding of python syntax.
  • Input output streams.
  • Basic and advance uses of python programming language
  • Uses of python programming
  • GUI interface designs using python
  • Library imports in python
  • Why we prefer python than other programming languages.

Python Interview Programs

Some programs or short code snippets are also important. These basic programs are listed as:

  • Write a program for type casting using python
  • Write a program to swap data using python
  • Write a code for stroing browser cookie using python
  • Write a code that draw circle using python turtle
  • Write a program that use switch control structure
  • Write an iterative program without using loop constructs in python.
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