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(1) Which of the following is valid file extension of python programming script file ?

A) .python
B) .pythoncode
C) .py
D) .pie

(2) In python programmingwhich of the following function is used to check the data type of variable?

A) datatype()
B) type()
C) typeof()
D) dtype()

(3) In python programming type of Lvalue always depend on _________

A) Data type
B) type of Rvalue
C) Type specified
D) Already defined

(4) Which of the following has vital role in python code formatting?

A) Delimeters
B) Indents
C) Parentheses
D) Space

(5) Which of the following is used for nesting code in python programming ?

A) Delimiters
B) Parentheses
C) Indents
D) Squaare Brackets

(6) Which of the following is true about python syntax ?

A) Strongly Typed
B) Loosly Typed
C) Rigid Typed
D) Highly Typed

(7) Python programming has much similar features such like other famous high level languages such as.

A) C
B) C++
C) Java
D) All of these

(8) Which of the following is not suitable about python programming syntax ?

A) Easy
B) Straightforward
C) Difficult
D) Understandable
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