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(1) How much space occupied after compilation of python script by comments?

A) 1 Byte
B) 1 KB
C) 1 MB
D) Zero Byte

(2) In python script where we can write comment line?

A) Start of code
B) End of code
C) In between
D) Anywhere

(3) Which of the following is use of comments in python?

A) Readability
B) Descriptive
C) Program Information
D) All of these

(4) Which of the following is valid comment line in python?

A) #This is comment line
B) $This is comment line
C) //This is comment line
D) @This is comment line

(5) How many types of comments in python programming langauge?

A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Four

(6) In python programming which of following symbol is used for writing comments?

A) //
B) /
C) $
D) #

(7) Non executable statements in python are called.

A) Directives
B) Functions
C) Comments
D) Control Structures
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