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(1) The building blocks of flutter application development are called.

A) Components
B) Widgets
C) Tools
D) Routines

(2) Which of the following programming language is used in flutter application development?

A) C
B) Java
C) Dart
D) Php

(3) Which of the following command is used for checking the proper installation and configurations of flutter framework?

A) flutter check
B) flutter inspect
C) flutter run
D) flutter doctor

(4) Which of the following developed the flutter framework?

A) Facebook
B) Google
C) Sun Microsystems
D) Microsoft

(5) Flutter framework is developed for which type of platform.

A) Android
B) iOS
C) Cross Platform
D) Windows

(6) Which of the following code editor is recommended for flutter development.

A) VS Code
B) Notepad
C) Notepad++
D) Netbeans

(7) What is the recommended RAM requirement for the installation and configuration of flutter application development environment?

A) 2 GB
B) 4 GB
C) 8 GB
D) 16 GB
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