Learn Flutter Framework

Flutter framework is specifically designed for developing high performance mobile applications that can run on both most famous patforms Android and iOS. It use single codebase for generating applications for both platforms. So that it is getting popular day by day. Flutter SDK is using very easy to understand and convinient language called Dart. Dart language is designed by google and now getting famous by it's use in flutter mobile application development.

History of Flutter

The flutter is new and trending mobile application development framework. It was first introduced by the Google in late 2018. Subsequently the major release was come in market as time passed such as flutter 1.12 in Dec. 11, 2019 and Flutter 1.17 in May. 6,2020. This journey is acheiving it's goals successfully and major version updates are coming time to time. These updates include include beteer performance and much more new features. That enable developers to develop market competitive cross platform applications. At this time as we are talking about Flutter framework it's current version is 3.7 that wes release on January 25, 2023.

Components of Flutter Framework

Flutter framework consist of the major components that as as.

  • Flutter Enginue
  • Widgets
  • Dart Language
  • DevTools

Why Use Flutter

There are multiple reasons of flutter framework is getting popularity in development industry. The major reason is it's performance for cross platform applications. There are several other reasons that are listed here.

1. Native Performance

Flutter framework compiled the code to native ARM code that is provide high frmae rate with high performance.

2. Single Codebase

Flutter offers to write single code for multiple devices and plaforms. It not only compile code for mobile applications, this single codebase can also be used for web and desktop applications.

3. Hot Reload

FLutter provides hot reload feature that provide a faster development experience.

4. Open Source

Flutter is an open source framework, which means it allows developers from all around the world to contibute in it's improvement and features.

5. Dart Language

Dart is easy and much flexible object oriented language. That makes the development of Flutter applications easy and fast.

6. Flutter Packages

There is a large voume of Flutter and Dart packages that are available for free to use in our applications. This feature provides a ready made funcationality for the developers to use it in their appications.

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