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(1) Which of the following gesture of GestureDetector is equivalent to the mouse click event in flutter application?

A) onClick
B) onPress
C) onTap
D) onHold

(2) Which of the following function is used in stateFulWidget to refresh of UI of application?

A) refreshState
B) UpdateState
C) setState
D) createState

(3) Which of the following one is the multiple child widget in flutter application?

A) Center
B) AspecRatio
C) Stack
D) Padding

(4) Which of the following is a single child widget?

A) Center
B) Row
C) Stack
D) Column

(5) Which property of multple children widget is used to provide set of widgets?

A) children
B) multiple
C) child
D) multipleChildren

(6) Widgets in flutter applications are much more similar with.

A) HTML attributes
B) HTML methods
C) HTML tags
D) HTML properties

(7) Which of the following state class of flutter framework is used to refect the UI changes?

A) SatelessWidget
B) SatetFulWidget
C) StateWidget
D) ChangeWidget

(8) Which component of flutter architecture is used to accept events and handle these events?

A) Widget
B) GestureDetector
C) State
D) Layer

(9) Which of the following is not part of flutter application architecture?

A) Flutter Engine
C) Widget
D) State Management

(10) In flutter application each and every component is known as.

A) Class
B) Module
C) Widget
D) UI Component
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