Microsoft Excel

MS Excel is a microsoft commercial general public package software, that is used for mathematical calculations. This software/application save data in form of rows and columns. This collection of multiple rows and columns is called grid of cells. Here cell is the intersection of row and column. Cell is the fundamental and core concept of Microsoft Excel. Microsoft excel provides a range to built in functions that are extremely helpful in complicated calculations.

In cell we can use one of the following data/operations.

  • Data/Value
  • Formula
  • Function
  • Object

 In microsoft excel whenever equal sign is entered as first character MS excel considered the next characters as formula/function.

MS Excel Interface:

Microsoft Excel interface has multiple tools, menubar and grid of rows and columns. As an ordinary window MS Excel interface also conatains common elements such as title bar, menu bar, status bar.

Microsoft Excel interface

Microsoft Excel Features:

Some of the important features are as follows.

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