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(1) Which of the following character is similar to hyphen (-) symbol ?

A) _ (underscore)
B) Space
C) . (dot)
D) None

(2) Which of the following is not allowed in SASS variable name ?

A) Colon
B) Space
C) Hyphen
D) Number

(3) How many times a variable can be used in SASS file ?

A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Multiple

(4) SASS variables can be used to store which of the following values ?

A) Hexadecimal
B) Numeric
C) Null
D) All

(5) In SASS variable name and property is separated by which of the following symbol ?

A) ?
B) : (colon)
C) . (dot)
D) |

(6) Which of the following symbol is used to declare variable in SASS ?

A) $
B) #
C) @
D) &
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