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(1) The following method is used to share data among all views in laravel application.

A) main()
B) boot()
C) run()
D) init()

(2) Which of the following operator is used to access nested view files in laravel?

A) dot
B) *
C) @
D) $

(3) Which of the follwing way allowed in laravel to return view files?

A) route
B) controller
C) model
D) All of these

(4) Which files are part of auth directory in Laravel?

A) login
B) register
C) reset password
D) All of these

(5) How many nesting of views directory is allowed in laravel?

A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Many

(6) Which of the following is file extension of laravel views?

A) .html
B) .blade
C) .blade.php
D) .php
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