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(1) Kernel.php file located in __________ directory.

A) app/http
B) app/http/controllers
C) app/http/Middleware
D) routes/

(2) Alias name for registering new middleware is used in _________ list.

A) $middleware
B) $middlewareGroups
C) $routeMiddleware
D) $middlewarePriority

(3) In how many ways a new middleware can be register in kernel.php

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

(4) Which of the following list is used to register middleware for specific routes ?

A) $routeMiddleware
B) $routingMiddleware
C) $middleware
D) $middlewareGroups

(5) Which artisan command is used to create new middleware ?

A) make:middleware
B) create:middleware
C) make::middleware
D) created::middleware

(6) Which of the folloiwing file is used to register newly created middleware.

A) middlware
B) kernel
C) config
D) setmiddleware
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