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(1) .env file exist in ________ directory:

A) App
B) Root
C) Public
D) Storage

(2) Which of the following directory is not exist in root folder of Laravel ?

A) App
B) Resources
C) Public
D) Controllers

(3) All images and other resources are placed in:

A) Public Folder
B) Resource Folder
C) Image Folder
D) Root Folder

(4) What is path of controller files ?

A) root/app/
B) root/app/controller
C) root/app/http/controller
D) root/controller

(5) Which of the following directory is used to store compiled Laravel blade files ?

A) App
B) Resources
C) Storage
D) Public

(6) Where app directory exist in Laravel project ?

A) In Resource folder
B) At root folder
C) In Public folder
D) In Routes folder

(7) Which of the following directory is used to save laravel model files ?

A) app
B) resources
C) public
D) routes

(8) What is meant by Laravel directory structure ?

A) Programs Hierarchy
B) Folders Hierarchy
C) Icons Hierarchy
D) All

(9) Which of the following item refers to directory in operating systems ?

A) Program
B) Folder
C) File
D) Icon
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